Shankara Story



At Shankara, East does meet West.
We blend it together to create a product line that uses the best from both the ancient eastern science of Ayurveda, and the western state of the art anti-aging science, to create breakthroughs that have never before been achieved.



How a Noble Cause Created a Company

 Shankara is truly more than a wonderful skin care line. Behind everything we do is a strong intent to serve humanity, from producing the finest, most energetic products possible to the donation of 100% of the net profits to global humanitarian work. Shankara was developed to support the International Association for Human Values or IAHV Foundation, after a core group of people who became Shankara’s founders were inspired by the organization’s good works.

Click here to read IAHV’s mission statement

 Founded in Geneva, Switzerland in 1997, IAHV, focuses on upholding “the incorporation of human values into all aspects of life” with the goal of ”ultimately leading to the development of a more peaceful, just and sustainable world.”The organization’s global activities are centered around uplifting the individual spirit through socio-economic development projects providing sustainable solutions and a forum for dialogues to create, leverage and nurture inspiring fundamental human values, such as compassion, friendliness and service. In fostering human values, IAHV works with other non-government organizations (NGOs), corporations and individuals.

IAHV representatives also consult with the United Nations Economic and Social Council. After the Bangalore peace initiatives in 2001, a few people associated with the IAHV got together and came up with the original concept for what was to become the Shankara BioRegenesis Skin Care System. The support of a few private donors made the Shankara system and the company a reality. We believe that there is a synergy between taking care of oneself and taking care of the world. After years of research and development, the Shankara line of 74 retail and professional high-end skin care products was launched.

 The unique qualities Shankara brings to the industry and end-users have been enthusiastically embraced by renowned international spa consultants, such as Robert Zimmer and Frederique DeLeage in Southeast Asia. Liz Mazurski, former Editor in Chief of Spa Magazine, stated “Shankara is the most deserving skincare line to bring to the attention of spa goers.” All Shankara profits are funneled into community development projects implemented across the world through the IAHV.

Our projects include: literacy and education programs, microfinance ventures for women and youth, disaster relief and rehabilitation projects. Shankara brings beauty and life to you and the world!